Magnetic Tattoo Removal

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The safest non-invasive tattoo removal technique IN THE WORLD, now in North Carolina.

Magnetic Tattoo Removal

EXCLUSIVE SERVICE: The only magnetic tattoo removal experts in North Carolina!

This tattoo removal technique involves using a specially designed magnetic tool, which, in conjunction with an FDA-regulated, hypoallergenic ORGANIC cosmetic and food-molecule Tattoo removal solution, can EXTRACT THE INK from any part of your body. This solution contains active ingredients for faster skin regeneration.

This technique uses magnetic needles to pull the ink closer to the surface, allowing you to see the ink come out of your body from session #1.

Get rid of any Cosmetic Tattoos, such as permanent makeup/microblading, tattooed eyebrows, tattooed lips, etc., or Artistic Tattoos from any part of your body.

Benefits of Magnetic Tattoo Removal

Magnetic tattoo removal is less expensive and requires fewer treatments than laser and other tattoo removal methods.

  • Non invasive
  • No chemicals, acids or bleaching
  • Minimal pain (from constant rubbing)
  • No numbing required
  • No use of lasers or saline solutions
  • No burns or scars
  • Non-surgical
  • Fast recovery. Next session in 4 weeks
  • No carcinogenic ingredients
  • No loss of hair
  • Fast tattoo lightening for cover up
  • Simple use, quick, and safe


The number of sessions will depend on the age of your tattoo, the size, the condition of your skin, how deep the ink is, etc. There is NO tattoo removal method that can tell you exactly how many sessions it will take, but this the only one where some customers experience a great visible reduction after session 1 is healed with little discomfort, no burning, and no blistering.

You might experience mild discomfort produced by rubbing the Magnetic Digital Tool on your skin.  The Epidermis (first layer of skin) will need just a few days to heal the redness from the rubbing. It will not hurt like when you first had the tattoo done, and you will never feel  the pain experienced with the burning of laser tattoo removal.

Before and After Photos of Magnetic Tattoo Removal